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SACCO Leaders Convention

SACCO Leaders Convention


The 8th Annual SACCO Leaders Convention (SLC) will be held at Sarova Whitesands Beach Hotel, Mombasa from 20th to 24th February 2023, themed “SACCOs: Championing The Bottom–Up Economy For Growth and Sustainability”.


SACCOs are Member based, Member owned and Member controlled where members are owners and customers. For Governance, members elect Board of Directors in a democratic system (one man, one vote) regardless of the amount of individual investment or savings in the SACCO. This relationship of providing a service by being not for profit yet empathetic can be termed as oxymoron for some people. However, SACCOs are operated for the purpose of promoting thrift, access to affordable credit as well as general financial services to the members.


This underscores the relevance of SACCOs in Socio-Economic Development, as they balance the provision of both social and financial benefits in equal measure. The SACCO movement has gained popularity in the last few decades as an accelerator of development especially both in urban and rural areas. “Being Socio-Economic Institutions, SACCOs have contributed to bringing about Human Integrated Development (HID),” Syed (1991). Further, “SACCOs are a tested instrument for promoting integrated development through a self-help scheme that makes total human being” - (Syed 1991:  139)



In Kenya, the Government has continued to promote the Co-operative movement post-independence as they were seen as the means to make people get involved in Modern Economic Development within a short period of time particularly in land acquisition, Business and in Agricultural and Agro-Business Activities – Sessional Paper No.10 of 1965.


SACCOs have had a positive impact on the Socio-Economic Development of Members and their Families since they provide a platform to save and borrow loans for their business, pay school fees, buy business assets, build houses and homes, buy land etc.






Objective of the Convention:-

To provide insight into how SACCOs can be positioned as vehicles to accelerate Socio-Economic Development in the Country.


The specific objectives include:

  1. To showcase success stories of socio-economic development of SACCO member’s lifestyle through improved housing, education, incomes, skills development and employment.
  2. To discuss an industry road map that can enable greater benefits from digital technologies in future to enhance financial inclusion among SACCOs
  3. To create awareness among SACCO Leaders on the need and benefits of collaboration with the Government and other Financial service providers.
  4. To discuss challenges that SACCOs face when delivering financial services to their members.
  5. To identify Sectoral recommendations and mitigation strategies to accelerate SACCO growth and development


The convention is divided into general plenary and breakout sessions, allowing participants to focus on areas of interest from their perspective. To lead the discussions, there will be celebrated speakers drawn from the industry, private and public sectors both locally and internationally.


Convention Details


Dates                                      :           20th – 24th February, 2023

Arrival & Registration       :           Monday 20th February, 2023

Conference days                  :           21st – 23rd February, 2023

Departure                             :           Friday 24th February, 2023 after Breakfast                  

Venue                                                :           Sarova Whitesands Beach & Spa, Mombasa     

Cost Per Person                   :           KShs.69,600 Vat Inclusive (This amount does not

                                                            include Accommodation & Transport)    



Target group: SACCO Board Members, SACCO delegates, Chief Executive Officers, Senior SACCO Managers, SACCO Business Partners, Government, and County Executives, Legislators, Corporates


Please contact Rose Ngaruiya at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./ 0780660509 or Linda Karimi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./0780255457 for any clarification.



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