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Terms of Reference


  1.   Background

 Kenya Union  of  Savings & Credit Co-operatives (KUSCCO)  is the  umbrella  body  of savings and  credit cooperatives (SACCOS) in Kenya. It was registered in 1973 to advocate for a level environment in which SACCOs can operate in. Thus, KUSCCO is actively engaged in all advocacy issues affecting growth and development of SACCOs. KUSCCO fulfils its core function of advocacy, it provides various business services and products  to SACCOs, which include training, and advisory work, risk and financing through its Central Finance Fund (CFF). CFF is the inter-lending facility for all SACCOs affiliated to KUSCCO Ltd and operates on the same principles as the  SACCO Societies. It mobilizes funds within the  SACCO Movement,  extends  the  credit  boundaries  and accelerates  the  lending capacities  of SACCOs.  CFF domiciles all lending projects  and  partnerships within KUSCCO.

 Aqua for All is a not-for-profit  organization  working towards  facilitating access  to  clean water  and  good sanitation  for all (SDG 6). Aqua for All plays a catalyst role by supporting  innovations and enabling business solutions to become  viable. Mobilizing public and private  capital in support  of SDG 6 is at the  core of its program approach.

 KUSCCO and in partnership with Aqua for All intend to co-develop a program to support SACCOs in Kenya to develop and roll out savings and credit products  for Water and Sanitation sector. To enable the design of a programme,  a feasibility and market analysis study is proposed  to assess demand  and interest  of SACCOs to lend for water and sanitation purposes.

 2.   Consultancy Overview

 KUSCCO and Aqua for All seek to develop Maji Nyumbani programme  which aims to catalyze provision of micro-loans  for  drinking  water   assets   and  infrastructure  at  home   through   SACCOs  in  Kenya.  In  its implementation phase, the program will build capacities of select SACCOs with national reach to provide water financing solutions  for both  households  and  community-based  water  enterprises active  in their  locality. SACCOs will receive technical assistance from the program to develop water loan products that respond to the needs of their members and communities, activate demand through promotions and targeted incentives, and lend with own capital as proof of concept. The target for this program will be SACCO serving low income and vulnerable persons across the country.

 3.   Specific objectives 

 A.        Feasibility Analysis

 The study should focus on the following tasks and outcomes:

 • Provide a brief analysis of water sector structure:  institutions, regulations and actors and the role of National and County Governments, resulting in synthesis as an introduction to water and sanitation sector for KUSCCO and selected sacco’s as a general reference.

 • Undertake market analysis and paid-for-water and sanitation services value chain in select rural areas of Kenya – with major input from the field. This will include mapping and segmentation of micro and small scale water & sanitation businesses, retail enterprises, and other suppliers of water / sanitation products and water services in the select rural markets. Sourcing and verification should also be done through verification among selected Sacco members and their clients through interviews.

 • Assessment of select SACCOs interest to lend for water & sanitation. This will include identification of SACCOs with/without loan products for water/sanitation, assessment of demand for water/sanitation solutions from their Back Office (BOSA) members and Front Office Savings Activity (FOSA) micro clients.

 • Analysis for potential  risks, and capacity needs of select cohort of SACCOs keen to participate  in the pilot loan programme.  This shall include assessment of lending infrastructure, its Governance  and financial strength, and its liquidity position to meet demand for water /sanitation loans.

 • SACCOs with water /sanitation loan products; no, portfolio size, product terms and conditions, product performance

 •        Analysis of the ability and willingness of SACCO clients to pay the loans

 •        Clarify experience and track record of SACCOs to be selected

 •        Assess and describe the loan process that the SACCOs have in place

 • Exploration of need for and design of incentive structures  on water and sanitation products within the cooperative sector

 • Assessment of viability of the programme – as designed, and recommendation to KUSCCO on scope of SACCO water investment needs, technical assistance requirements (TA) and risks, and risk-sharing plan proposed for the pilot SACCOs

 B.         Re-designing of KUSCCO Maji Nyumbani Project

 •        (Re)designing programme proposal with verification of proposed targets for the implementation phase

 •        Validation of the proposed project with target SACCO and stakeholders  based on findings.

 •        identification of strategic private sector and sector partnerships programs

 •        Elaboration on how the product roll out should be done

 4.   Deliverables/Outputs

 i.      An inception report  detailing the understanding of the TOR, proposed  methodology  and tools, work plan, and deliverables.

ii.      A synthesis summary on the findings of the sector analysis, 

 iii.     A more detailed report on the feasibility and market analysis work, including a profile of the clientele and the needs of sacco’s to lend for water and sanitation

 iv.      Suggested selection of at least 20-30 SACCOs to participate in the program

 v.      Description of the  proposed  implementation  programme,  incl. timeline and required  budgets  incl. suggested governance, incentive structure,  partnerships etc.

 Minimum criteria for SACCOs to be interviewed during feasibility phase

 The consultant will develop a sampling criterion for respondent SACCOs in consultation with KUSCCO and Aqua for All. At minimum, target SACCOs should meet the below criteria:

 •        Must be a registered member of KUSCCO

 • The SACCO must be willing to participate  in the water  and sanitation  program  by allocating resources and availing its staff for technical assistance.

 •        Must be a Deposit taking SACCO with a wide outreach  of members across the counties

•        The SACCO must have financial liquidity to on-lend to its members to acquire WASH products

  5.   Duration of the Assignment

 The assignment will be for a period of maximum 4 months, commencing January 2022. The consultant  must be available for regular update meetings with KUSCCO and Aqua for All.

 6.   Payment Modalities

 The consultant will receive payment on completion of the following milestones.

 •        30% on presentation of the Inception Report.

 •        30% after completion, submission and acceptance of the draft final feasibility report.

 •        40% after completion, submission, and acceptance of the feasibility report.

  7.   Application Procedure

 Qualified and  interested  consultants   are  hereby  requested  to  apply  by  submitting  their  proposals  to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Contact person is Marlies Batterink, Aqua for All, The Netherlands. Not later than 17.00hrs,  on Friday 21st January.

The application should contain the following:

 • A technical proposal with brief description of no more than 3 pages of why the consultant  is the most suitable for the assignment, with details of experience and previous work of a similar nature,  that the consultant  has conducted.  It should give a clear methodology,  on how the consultant  will approach and complete the assignment.

 • The  technical  proposal  should  also contain  a CV(s), indicating education  background/professional qualifications, past experiences,  as well as the contact  details (email and telephone number)  of the Consultant(s) to perform  this contract.  Financial Proposal that  indicates the all-inclusive fixed total 

 contract  price, supported by a breakdown of all the costs. These costs should be broken down by no less  than  the  following: Personnel  (including rates  and  level of effort),  Fringe (benefits),  Travel, Meetings, Materials.

 8.   Evaluation criteria

 The Consultant will be evaluated  against a combination of technical and financial criteria (combined scoring method). Maximum score is 100% out of which technical criteria equals 70% and financial criteria equals 30%.

 The technical evaluation will include the following:

 i.      Fulfillment of  all statutory   obligations  for  businesses  in  Kenya  (Valid  KRA  Pin, Tax  Compliance

Certificate, Business Permit)

 ii.      Consultants experience in successfully conducting work of a similar nature. iii.     Education and experience of the consultant assigned to this project

iv.      Extensive expertise, knowledge, and experience of the financial services market, financial inclusion for Base of Pyramid (BoP) target  group, SACCO sector in Kenya and intimate knowledge of the structure and operating mechanism of SACCO apex bodies

 v.      Extensive  expertise   and   experience   in  hands-on   market   research,   targeting   BoP  customers, institutional  assessment, and product  development for SACCOs/or micro finance institutions–  25%. Understanding and experience of water and sanitation sector and household/MSME finance needs is a plus.

 vi.      Overall Methodology

 The financial evaluation will include the following.

i.      The Firm’s experience in successfully conducting assignments of this magnitude ii.      Total proposed  budget for the completion of this Study

More information through: Marlies Batterink – programme  manager East Africa at Aqua for All

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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