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Research & Consultancy

Services provided to our affiliates include Strategic/Business Planning, Feasibility Studies among others

Research and Consultancy

We offer a wide range of professional consultancy and advisory services to SACCOs throughout Kenya.  These services are delivered through our Research and Consultancy Department, which was established in 1998 to provide practical solutions to savings and credit societies in Kenya – in a fast-paced, liberalised market replete with operational challenges for SACCOs.

The Department established the first successful FOSA/SASA model of SACCO business in the country.
Our consultancy and advisory services to SACCOs are offered at competitive fees, tailored to assist SACCOs.  An example of our role in this respect is giving guidance to SACCOs; by helping them upgrade their internal governance and develop management systems and structures.

We step in to provide leadership for SACCOs by formulating appropriate systems of management and building administrative capacity in areas such as information technology, marketing, and customer service.

KUSCCO has actively offered managerial consultancy to SACCOs affected by retrenchment – mainly in government departments and parastatals – which has negatively impacted on the SACCOs by decreasing their membership and capacity to raise and retain member shares.

A greater challenge though has been the integration of non-employee based SACCOs into the SACCO movement. KUSCCO appreciates the importance of these informal SACCOs that have had a phenomenal growth as the formal SACCOs continue to lose members due to job losses.  We are called upon to play an important role in nurturing these SACCOs, many of which are vulnerable to management problems and lack strategic direction and management structures. This is mainly due to the disparity of their membership – drawn from a host of varied small business backgrounds.

Advisory Service

As KUSCCO, our role is to provide practical solutions and advise the SACCOs on:
•    Enactment or revision of their SACCO by-laws;
•    The need to develop a strategic plan and or Business Plan;
•    Starting a Back Office Services Activity (BOSA) and Front Office Services Activity (FOSA);
•    Surveys and feasibility studies;
•    Human resource support services;
•    Project and investment valuations;
•    Product and service marketing;
•    Product diversification

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